EPS packaging

Product information

When choosing the proper packaging, companies must consider many aspects. Ease of handling, storage stability and cushioning are just a few. Additionally, related costs are also an important matter. EPS (expanded polystyrene) packaging is economical and protective. Due to its lightweight, it reduces transport costs. Operators also benefit from this feature. They can easily handle the packaging even when full of products.

EPS packaging is an on-demand solution. The molded shapes follow the contour of the products that they must protect. Therefore, they safely accommodate the intended parts and components. The solution optimizes the packing density due to making efficient use of the available space. EPS packaging is lighter and more economical than EPP packaging. Additionally, it has better insulation properties.


What is EPS packaging?

EPS protective packaging is a lightweight yet strong packaging solution. It consists of expanded tiny plastic beads shaped into protective packaging. The small hollow balls are full of air. This feature translates into unique shock-absorbing features. High compression resistance creates the premises of cushioning transport packaging. The solution is therefore recommended for shock-sensitive goods. It protects the products against potential impact and handling damage.

EPS foam packaging is entirely tailor-made. Thus, we adapt shape, material density and thickness to each application. Molded EPS foam presents a low density. Therefore, the resulting fitted packaging offers maximum protection with minimum material usage. These advantages reduce damages and increase profit. The solution can be reusable or disposable.

EPS packaging is:

  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Hygienic
  • Multi-purpose
  • Thermally-insulating
  • Recyclable

EPS packaging stands out for:

  • Mechanical impact resistance
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Versatility
  • Packing stability and safety
  • Increased packing density
  • Weight control


EPS packaging applications

EPS customized packaging has the ability to absorb a high energy level. It is thus suitable for numerous industrial applications. It serves as a carrier between different production stations or manufacturers and processors. Applications include various small parts and components. The automotive sector and technical and industrial manufacturing are just a few examples. Other applications include household appliances. Ventilation and heating sectors also benefit from the EPS transport packaging advantages. If necessary, we can add fireproof features to the material.

The low thermal conductivity protects the content against sudden temperature changes. Thus, insulating properties ensure safe packing and shipping for food and pharmaceutical companies. The feature extends the freshness of perishable products. Such products include fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood. EPS foam packaging is suitable for preserving both cold and frozen food. Its material is chemically inert. It is also breathable and resistant to humidity.

EPS boxes and trays allow operators to insert and remove individual parts without effort. The employees can easily stack them when empty, as they are very light. Electrical and electronic equipment is fragile and costly. Storing and shipping it requires electrostatically protected packaging. When needed, we can offer EPS packaging with ESD protection.