EPP isotherm packaging

Product information

A particular application of the EPP packaging is insulation. Its structure offers high-temperature resistance. Hence, it protects temperature-sensitive goods. With the help of cooling elements, EPP isotherm packaging ensures a temperature-controlled supply chain.

During delivery, goods are subject to repetitive movements and storage. Temperature fluctuations can decrease their quality. Sometimes they can even compromise them. In these regards, food products and medical supplies are susceptible. With EPP insulating containers, the product’s quality remains consistently high. Fish, meat and ice cream stay at a constant temperature until delivery. In the pharma and healthcare sectors, medicines, serum or active ingredients are valuable and expensive. Professional cooling packaging supports companies to reduce costs and increase product safety.

EPP multi-use thermal packaging also keeps the products warm. In this case, the applications include e-delivery and catering. Depending on the needs, we can offer you packaging with different volumes. From small EPP Thermo boxes to larger shipping containers, they all can come in direct contact with food. Companies can clean them in specific temperature and duration ranges.