Container Desiccants

Product information

Overseas shipping can pose several risks of damage to merchandize in containers, so many companies choose container desiccants to help mitigate their losses. These pouches are extremely effective and do not pose and danger to the environment and to the employees handling them.

The special formula of the container desiccants was developed by a world leading chemical company, Clariant. These pouches are proven to absorb more humidity, faster and for a longer time compared to similar products.

How Container Desiccants Work?

The desiccant pouches are grouped in a strip of 4 packs of 125 grams each. The top pouch is provided with a suspension eye. Thus, all your employees have to do is hang the strip of containers desiccants inside the shipping container. The pouches will absorb the excess humidity and your products will be transported in a safe environment that does not favor the occurrence of mold, rust or mildew.

To maximize moisture absorption, the desiccant pouches are made of Tyvek, with a non-woven sleeve. Container desiccants can successfully absorb moisture caused by leaking rain water and melting snow.

For maximum effect, you should use the container desiccants with stickers or PE sheets placed inside the individual packages of your product to destroy mold spores.