Clay desiccant pouches

Product information

If you are looking for a 100% natural and safe method to keep your products safe from the damaging effects of humidity, the answer is Clay desiccant pouches.

This type of desiccant pouch is used by companies in every industry for products such as:

  • Textiles
  • Metal parts
  • Electronics
  • Leather
  • Food
  • Medical and pharmaceutical products.

Humidity can cause a lot of damage: rust, old, corrosion, rust and mildew. Clay desiccant pouches can prevent all the occurrence of all these negative effects through its desiccant properties. The excess moisture is absorbed inside the pack, and the atmosphere in the package returns to the acceptable limits.

Why Choose Clay desiccant pouches?

The desiccant pouches are inexpensive and extremely effective. The bentonite clay inside the packs has a great capacity to absorb moisture. Just place one pouch inside the individual packaging of your products and you can forget your worries about potential damage caused by excess humidity.

Clay desiccant pouches offers you several other important benefits:

  • No leakage – even after it reaches the maximum absorption capacity, the bentonite clay pouch will not break and leak;
  • Environmentally friendly – bentonite clay is a safe, natural and sustainable material;
  • Regulatory compliant – clay desiccant pouches complies with various international standards and regulation;
  • Simple and efficient to use – just place the pouch inside the packaging;
  • Cost effective – the bentonite clay pouches are one of the most economic desiccant products on the market.

Clay desiccant pouches are available in five sizes to suit every type of product and ensure adequate moisture absorption. We recommend using them together with antimicrobial products, such as stickers or PE sheets to add supplementary anti-mold protection to your packaged products.