Antimicrobial stickers

Product information

Mold is a serious problem for every company that handles and sells goods and this is why Antimicrobial stickers exist. This antimicrobial sticker is very easy to apply inside product boxes (especially footwear) and you can forget about the worries that it may develop mold.

How Antimicrobial stickers Work?

Antimicrobial stickers are individually packed in seal pouches made of foil. Open the foil package and apply the sticker inside the primary packaging of your products. The antimicrobial sticker activates when it detects humidity in excess of a predetermined level.

Once activated, the Antimicrobial stickers release a special substance inside the box that kills all the mold spores. If humidity is within the acceptable levels, the antimicrobial stickers will remain inactive. This means that you can safely keep your products on the shelves for weeks or months without worrying that the antimicrobial stickers need to be replaced.

The antimicrobial stickers are available primarily in green color. Other colors are released each season. Also, you can order the antimicrobial stickers in custom colors to match your brand image.

Dispenser Box

The dispenser box for Antimicrobial stickers will help your employees apply the stickers faster and more efficiently. The roll of antimicrobial stickers is placed inside the box and the first sticker is pulled out through the release flap.

The dispenser box displays instructions for use in several languages. Thus, your employees will understand how to refill the box and take out the stickers without damaging them.