Antimicrobial PE Sheets

Product information

Antimicrobial PE Sheets are the simple, effective and inexpensive solution to your problems concerning mold occurring in your product boxes. Either in the warehouse or on store shelves, some items, especially leather footwear, could be exposed to excess humidity. Humidity plus enclosed spaces plus warm temperature equals mold.

Here antimicrobial PE Sheets step in to break this equation that causes so many losses to companies worldwide. All you have to do is place one antimicrobial plastic sheet in the individual packaging of your products.

 How Antimicrobial PE Sheets Work

Once inside the packaging, the antimicrobial sheet will become active as soon as the level humidity level exceeds a pre-set threshold. At this point, the sheet releases an atmosphere that effectively eliminates all mold spores.

However, if the moisture level stays below the trigger level, the antimicrobial PE Sheets will remain inactive. Thus, you can safely keep your products on shelves for as long as it takes until they are delivered or sold. The boxed items will be safe from mold and you will reduce your operational losses.

Antimicrobial PE Sheets are available in five standard sizes. Thus, you can find the right option for your products depending on their size and type of packaging.

Dispenser Box

We recommend using the Antimicrobial PE Sheets with the special dispenser box that makes it easy for your employees to take them out quickly. The box has instructions for use printed on it in several languages for your convenience. Thus, your employees will know how to install the roll of antimicrobial PE sheets and refill the dispenser box when necessary.