Product information


Luckily there is the perfect solution for both: TEXTILE RACKS – the innovative space efficient storage solution for small and medium sized packages/items.

From cluttered, hard to reach boxes to neat, well organized and efficient storage columns of easily accessible packages.

The easy and most efficient space organizing system for warehouses, hardware and construction stores, courier services and any other business relying on efficient packages storing, inventorying and overall handling.

  • Proudly manufactured in Romania, with a unique design and patent.
  • Competitive prices and prompt execution /delivery times.

Ergonomic and easy to install – with a body frame of steel and vertical textile columns, sliding on rails for easy access to backside storage columns.

A great tool for space saving and cost cutting system, as no storage space unused with TEXTILE RACK system, our high density storage system.

Up to three levels of storage, easily accessible by simply sliding the columns to the necessary position to allow view and access to the desired pocket.

The TEXTILE RACKS system can be installed in virtually any space, within the existing structures, with only a fraction of the cost of conventional storage shelves.

Record storage efficiency – xxx mᵌ storage space out of xxx mᵌ, holding up to xxx kg.

Modular and customizable – our TEXTILE RACKS system can efficiently accommodate anything from 100 mᵌ to 10000000, made-to-order by the specific needs of our clients’ business and also to the size and specifications of the warehouse.

It is ideal for any space that requires keeping tabs on a changing inventory of good and/or packages as contents are completely visible at all times, making it easier to locate/ handle a specific item. Doubled by a labeling system providing extra information /inventory information, this feature optimizes the manipulation times within storage.