Palletized cargo fastening and securing systems

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The products slipping of the pallets, during manual handling or with the forklift is one of the main causes of the losses registered by the companies which manufacture or distribute goods.

To eliminate this risk, Eurobox Logistics offer the anti-slip layers that can be fixed directly on pallets. These are compatible with the EURO and ISO standard dimensions pallets and ensure an optimal adherence to the plastic and cardboard boxes and containers. Thus, the loaded products will remain stable during loading, unloading and transport, significantly decreasing the percentage of damaged products by shocks, scratches or rolling down.

The anti-slip layers also help you to increase the strength and the service life of the pallets on which they are mounted, an additional benefit of great importance to all companies that wish to make savings when renewal the packaging stocks.

Within this range of products, we can also offer prisms and plastic dividers for pallets. These accessories are fastened directly on the pallet, allowing the placement of round shape products (coils, barrels, other cylindrical objects) or of the boxes with differences in dimensions, that leads to space between them occurrence. The dividers have the role of product stabilizing on the pallet for transport.

You can also opt for anti-skid foils application on the pallet or between the boxes and containers, to fully eliminate their slipping and overturning risk. The foil is easy to apply by means of the special handle and successfully replace the cargo protection other materials, bulkier and more expensive.

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