Systems for load fastening and protection

The goods transport should carry out in the best conditions, whether it is by road, air or sea. The turbulence encountered by planes or ships or trucks traveling on rough roads may cause cargo shelves movement, tilting or even overturning. Sometimes, even the most performant returnable, stackable packaging cannot face some difficult transport conditions and the immediate visible result is dispatched product damaging.

For this reason, the professional packaging industry created a number of accessories indispensable to cargo transport – the load fastening and protection systems. Either it is about air cushion or disposable air bubble foils or reusable straps, these accessories should not miss from any goods dispatching company.

Eurobox Logistics offers load fastening and protection systems in a various range to satisfy any load securing needs and to prevent the products damage during transport.

  • The easiest way to protect the products loaded in the trucks is to eliminate the empty spaces between them. Logistics specialists searched a simple and innovative solution and the result was the large air cushions. These cushions, consisting of many layers (special hydrophobic paper on the exterior, plastic foil on the interior), are easy to inflate and take the empty spaces form between the loaded goods in the truck.
  • Air cushion or air bubbles foils are counted among the most efficient ways of protection the sensitive products during transport. We find them in dispatch boxes and parcels and at large scale, inside the containers and pallet boxes loaded with products. These foils are the simplest accessory that is used by the companies in the automotive, electronics and distribution industries, to minimize the percentage of damaged products during transport.
  • The most efficient packing way of sensitive products is their incorporation in a layer that fixed them inside the box or container they are placed, absorb the shocks and vibrations and prevent the dust and other foreign substances contamination. This protecting layer can be obtained with the expandable foam, the most versatile and easy to shape material for goods protection.
  • The products slipping of the pallets, during manual handling or with the forklift is one of the main causes of the losses registered by the companies which manufacture or distribute goods.
  • Paper is one of the most important discoveries of mankind. We cannot imagine the society and the scientific and spiritual development without the existence of this versatile product. In the professional packaging field, paper is used in various ways: as exterior packaging, attractive decorated or as interior packaging for sensitive products protection.
  • The pallets are the most comfortable and effective ways for packing the dispatching items. The products stored on pallets can be easily transported on long distances, on the ground, on air or on sea and they must arrive intact at destination. To increase the stacked on pallets products stability and safety, we recommend the angles for pallets and the protections for corners and edges.
  • The products made of metal need a special protection during transport to avoid the occurrence of rust by corrosion. It is especially about the automotive parts, components for different industrial installations and other metallic objects which will compose some complex assemblies. To protect all these products, Eurobox Logistics offers you VCI corrosion-resistant materials.
  • PP (polypropylene) tape is an effective accessory to secure your products for dispatching on long distances. Available in several widths or colours, expandable up to 25% lengthwise, this tape can be used either manually, or integrated in automatic packing systems.
  • The humidity control is one of the main requirements of cargo manufacturers and distributors during transport. The accumulated moisture can lead to the products damage, rust occurrence, as well as, mildew and fungi. To prevent these undesirable situations, the specialized companies in professional packaging, have developed a range of accessories that ensure the moisture absorption.
  • The straps and other similar loads fastening systems are recommended to stabilize the product stacks and the containers loaded in trucks or on transport ships.
  • The products safety transported on long distances is one of the manufacturing and distribution companies priorities. For several king of products, valuable or sensitive (food staff or pharmaceutical) is essential to have the guarantee that they will not be touched or contaminated during transport. The seals for containers, pallet boxes and pallet lids are the accessory that all these companies count for the performed dispatches.
  • Electronic products, such as computer and mobile phone parts, printed circuit boards and precision instruments need to be protected from accidental electrostatic discharges. Anti static bubble pouches are created to offer this special protection to your sensitive products and also keep them safe from dust, vibrations and mechanical shocks.
  • Bubble lined poly mailers are used by fast courier services and companies that mail important documents and small product samples. The exterior side of these professional envelopes is made of polyolefin and the interior is lined with bubbles. The flap can be easily closed by peeling off the protective paper.
  • In ecommerce every visual aspect matters, including the package in which you place your products. To enhance the appeal of your products and keep your clients loyal, you should ship all their orders and subscriptions in glamour bubble mailers.
  • Manufacturers of sensitive products, such as electronics and fragile household items rely on open end flush cut bubble pouches to pack each item safely. The plastic bubble packages have a smooth interior surface to protect the product from scratching. The bubble surface on the exterior offers good protection against vibrations and other mechanical shocks.
  • Your packaging operations become simpler and quicker with self seal bubble pouches. Put the product inside the pouch, peel off the protective paper strip and seal the pouch. That’s all! Your delicate and valuable products are ready for shipping and will arrive intact at their destination.
  • Self seal bubble mailers are extremely useful if you are frequently shipping small and delicate products. The self sealing envelope has an outer layer of Kraft paper and is lined with bubbles on the inside.
  • Overseas shipping can pose several risks of damage to merchandize in containers, so many companies choose container desiccants to help mitigate their losses. These pouches are extremely effective and do not pose and danger to the environment and to the employees handling them.
  • Humidity can cause a lot of damage: rust, old, corrosion, rust and mildew. Clay desiccant pouches can prevent all the occurrence of all these negative effects through its desiccant properties. The excess moisture is absorbed inside the pack, and the atmosphere in the package returns to the acceptable limits.
  • Antimicrobial PE Sheets are the simple, effective and inexpensive solution to your problems concerning mold occurring in your product boxes. Either in the warehouse or on store shelves, some items, especially leather footwear, could be exposed to excess humidity. Humidity plus enclosed spaces plus warm temperature equals mold.
  • Mold is a serious problem for every company that handles and sells goods and this is why Antimicrobial stickers exist. This antimicrobial sticker is very easy to apply inside product boxes (especially footwear) and you can forget about the worries that it may develop mold.
  • If your business is obliged, by its nature, to maintain strict hygiene at all times, you should use Disinfectant Solutions products. These disinfectants are made in the United States of America and comply with the regulations of the EPA, FDA and OSHA.