Plastic pallet boxes

Plastic pallet boxes offer stability and protection to cargo, especially for bulky goods, heavy, difficult to handle.

The main benefits obtained by the companies using plastic pallet boxes cover a better delivery stocks organization and planning, the products safety transport and the percentage of goods damaged in transit decreasing and a rapid return of investment in packaging by their long term use.

Plastic pallet boxes can be fitted with various accessories that facilitate the use in warehouses and production units: rails for handling with a forklift or for unloading equipment, plain lids or provided with locks, seals as well as label holders.

Eurobox Logistics offers a wide range of plastic pallet boxes, which includes the innovative Flatpack type or pallet boxes made of stacking frames mounted on pallets to create a container adapted to your needs.

  • You can turn a bulky pallet box into one that occupies reduced storage space in just three steps: release the fastening system, lower the vertical walls and fold them one over the other.
  • Safety, hygiene and prolonged use are the main characteristics of the rigid pallet boxes. They are the choice of the manufacturing companies, but also of those with cargo warehouses as they offer a compact volume and high loading capacity.
  • The foldable large container Collibox is assembled when needed and consists of pallet, walls and lid. It weighs less than a stackable pallet box and occupies less space at folding. It also provides numerous customizing possibilities. At customers' request, we can provide Collibox large containers with walls and customized cut outs to effectively serve specific needs.
  • By means of stacking frames, you can create pallet boxes of how high you need. Pallet boxes with stacking frames offer this benefit due to the type of construction: on a standard pallet base are added the foldable frames one over the other.