Plastic dollies

The dollies are the most simple and efficient products moving equipment in many industrial fields: manufacturing, processing and shipment of goods, automotive, electronics, retail or food industry.

By placing the crates and boxes of goods on dollies, these are easy to move within production facilities, either manually or attached to motorized equipment.

Dollies offered by Logistic Eurobox are made of plastic or metal, they have different loading capacities and can be equipped with wear resistant wheels or which produce a low noise level and leave no traces on the floor (non-marking type).

We can also offer special dollies for the electronics industry, made of electrically conductive materials, or dollies to transport specific shaped products (cylindrical objects, cable drum, tanks, etc.).

The main benefits the dollies bring for logistics activities are:

  • The costs of product handling are reduced;
  • The packaging rotation time is decreased;
  • The use of space is optimized;
  • The stocks are reduced;
  • The productivity increases.

We are available with any information regarding our range of dollies for goods transport.

  • Lightweight and easy to handle, the plastic dollies are a must accessory in any company where the reception, sorting and shipping of the goods are basic activities.
  • The hydraulic dollies are recommended for lifting and handling of box stacks directly from the floor. They are a faster and safer option for handling large amounts of products compared to manual labour.
  • Metallic dollies were created to serve to companies that handle heavy products quickly and efficiently. They have a solid framework of metallic tubular pipes or sheets and can be equipped with an accessory for towing, facilitating their movement.
  • Trolleys

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    Trolleys are easy to handle in any environment and optimize the movement of goods. They are equipped with ergonomic handles, solid base and wheels adapted to each type of cargo. Can be provided with shelves or different other accessories.
  • Distribution dollies are used in warehouses and supermarkets to move quickly different products, grouped by category on modular shelves available.