Stackable boxes

Stackable boxes are found in all fields of industry as packaging for parts, raw materials, finished products and components of all kinds. They are preferred by companies because they are durable and easy to maintain.

Being of lightweight, they can be easily handled in warehouses, workspaces or at place of discharge. In addition, their rectangular structure allow the creation of stable stacks and protect the goods, significantly reducing losses due to product damage during transport.

  • RAKO eurocontainers allow hundreds of model combinations of walls, bases and handles to satisfy the most diverse uses. They are suitable both for manual handling and an automatic one.
  • The design with numerous catching points is ideal for using the EUROTEC containers in automated stacking/storing systems, on conveyor belts and for a robotic handling.
  • With a resistant structure, yet light weight, the containers VDA-R-KLT type is the standard in the German automotive industry for handling automotive parts and components within the assembly facilities.
  • RL-KLT range of the VDA boxes is realized with a simpler design and is suitable for medium loads. The smooth base and the reduced tare weight recommend VDA-RL-KLT boxes for transport and movement of small parts inside the factories and the assembly lines.
  • C-KLT containers are characterized by strength, due to the fully reinforced base but reduced on the outer edges to allow stacking. Also, their walls are double for additional strength. C-KLT containers are generally used in the automotive industry and handling can be both automatic due to numerous gripping points as well as manual because they are fitted with ergonomic handles.
  • M KLT containers are ideal for handling parts and components inside the assembly facilities. The base and walls of this container are reinforced for extra strength and the available base sizes are slightly different from the standard, namely: 600x500 mm or 1000x600 mm.
  • Galia boxes are manufactured under Odette standard certification to meet the automatic handling requirements of the automotive industry in France. They have a sturdy construction and compact dimensions, giving an efficient ratio between the products packaged and the occupied space.
  • POOLBOX stackable distribution boxes have been developed in collaboration with Swiss Post specifically for sending parcels. They are ideal for postal and courier services due to the solid walls and smooth base design.