POOLBOX stack-nest distribution boxes

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POOLBOX stack-nest distribution boxes are a standard returnable packaging within the postal services in Switzerland and they are widely used by the leading distribution and courier companies. They are fitted with removable lid that fastens tightly on the box to protect the integrity of the products stored inside.

The simple design, with smooth walls, recommends these boxes both for use in automated sorting conveyor belt systems and for manual handling. Thus, POOLBOX stack-nest distribution boxes are recommended for the work of sorting the mail in post offices and courier companies to increase processing speed and distribution of envelopes and parcels. After removing the lid, the boxes are also nestable for storage space saving.

The POOLBOX stack-nest distribution boxes are available in a variety of dimensions and loading capacities, from a base of 180 x 130 mm, ideal for the mail transport, to a base of 800 x 600 mm, suitable for bulkier parcels.

ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Maximum stack weight (kg)