Nestable containers

Nestable boxes are recommended to companies that must carefully utilize every square meter of the storing space. Nesting system is the most compact way of packaging storing, saving up to 80% more space than using stackable boxes.

These boxes are available in various configurations to meet all the using needs. Thus, removable lid boxes guarantee the security and integrity of the stored or transported products, and the arms stacking boxes allow an easier access to the content and a faster stacking.

  • Nestable boxes are versatile, being suitable for storing and transporting of a variety of products range. They can be stored one into another (in nest system) due to their slightly conical design, to occupy a significantly less space in the truck, resulting in significant savings of the empty boxes returning costs.
  • NESCO nestable boxes are the perfect choice if you want to have in stock a reliable reusable packaging suitable for transport of a variety of products range. Due to the slightly conical design, these boxes realize space savings up to 80%, when they are not used.