Stack-nest plastic containers

Stack-nest boxes help you save the storage space, due to the design that allows keeping them in compact stack when they are not in use. In addition, you obtain savings on the cost of transport and return of empty packaging, which allow you to substantial optimize the budget and logistics processes. Extremely versatile, the stack-nest boxes are used primarily in distribution but also in other industrial fields.

  • Nestable boxes are recommended to companies that must carefully utilize every square meter of the storing space. Nesting system is the most compact way of packaging storing, saving up to 80% more space than using stackable boxes.
  • Boxes with attached lid provide additional products protection during transport. The special lid model, hinged on the two long sides keeps the stacking characteristic of one into another when they are not used to generate space savings.
  • Due to the specific design, these boxes can be stored both stacked and nested. Depending on the type of use, Eurobox Logistics can provide these boxes with solid, perforated or cut out walls, with double base or with various customization options (label holder, hot printing, etc).
  • POOLBOX stack-nest distribution boxes are a standard returnable packaging within the postal services in Switzerland and they are widely used by the leading distribution and courier companies.