Isothermal boxes and containers

The transport of products to be maintained at a constant temperature is a challenge for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Chemical compounds and medical products are sensitive substances that can lose their properties when the temperature variates. Frozen or refrigerated food must arrive at destination at a safety temperature to avoid becoming unfit for consumption.

We understand the restrictions and special conditions of transport for these products and we provide our customers with a range of isothermal boxes and containers adapted to all the needs.

  • RAKO type containers with heat insulating inserts are fitted with a hinged lid and they can be provided with eutectic elements to maintain constant the temperature of the products stored inside them.
  • The COOLBOX isothermal boxes offer a generous storage volume and a reduced tare weight. So, you can obtain significant savings in transport costs by reducing the total weight of the truck cargo.
  • Freezing-Box

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    Freezing-Box is a heat insulating container available in 2 versions: with a hinged lid or with a removable lid. For both versions, are available on the inner part, clamping systems for the cooling elements (provided separately).
  • Metabox

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    Metabox type isothermal boxes have a greater internal volume and are available in 3 dimensions with volumes between 70 and 450 l. They have a compact design and are fitted with tight fastened removable lid.
  • POOLBOX boxes with heat insulating insert are available in EURO standard dimensions and can be nestable, after insulating inserts taking out. Thereby, these boxes provide considerable space savings in return transport and storage.