Foldable and collapsible crates

Foldable and collapsible crates are recommended to the customers who want to optimize packaging storage space to a maximum, when they are not in use.

Ingenious design with detachable elements allows the quick folding and assembling when they are required for use.

Available in EURO standard dimensions, the foldable and collapsible crates can be handled manually or with automatic systems and can be fitted with accessories such as lids or label holders.

  • Foldable crates

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    Foldable crates are available in all the EURO standard dimensions and they have different characteristics, according to customers' needs. Thus, the foldable crates can be provided with solid, reinforced or perforated base to meet your company's needs to safely transport the various types of products.
  • Like the basic version of this product category, Galia foldable crates are a standard returnable packaging in French automotive industry.
  • Like VDA-R-KLT and VDA-RL-KLT boxes, the foldable model (measuring 600x400x280 mm) is recommended particularly for the automotive industry.
  • Collapsible boxes represent an ideal solution to save storage space when they are not in use. After collapsing the basic walls, the box reduces its volume to 20% of the variant ready for loading.