Plastic pallets

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Pallets are a standard unit for storage and transport. Almost every company that manufactures, dispatches or sells products of any kind, needs pallets. Originally, they were manufactured only of wood, had a limited time of use and showed problems of use hygiene and safety. There are currently more resistant and hygienic alternatives, and one of these is the plastic pallets.

Our plastic pallets range includes pallets with closed or perforated surfaces, cleanroom pallets (hygienic) for food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as ESD pallets for the electronics industry.

They are available both in standard and special dimensions. They can also be equipped with feet for nesting or rails for handling with forklifts, edges and stoppers for product stability, anti-slip surfaces or metallic reinforcement for heavy loads.

All of the pallet variants are shown in our site pages. If you like special or customized designs of the base variants, please contact us by email or phone for detailed discussions.

ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Maximum static load (kg)Maximum dynamic load (kg)Maximum load on rack (kg)