In the past, the pallets were manufactured only from wood, they had a relatively high weight and a reduced service life. As wood becomes dirty and is easily damaged by cracking or liquid soaking, the companies were forced to permanently invest significant sums in the purchase of pallets, products that almost never redeem their costs.

The situation changed with the advent of plastic and metallic pallets. These materials are hygienic and durable, easily cleaned, do not absorb odors and can be treated with various additives to create them specific characteristics.

Metallic or plastic pallets offer safety and efficiency in handling, transport and storage. Compared to wood, that accumulate moisture over time, plastic and metal maintain their weight over time.

Eurobox Logistics offers a full range of returnable pallets, suitable for use in all industries or fields.

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    Pallets are a standard unit for storage and transport. Almost every company that manufactures, dispatches or sells products of any kind, needs pallets. Originally, they were manufactured only of wood, had a limited time of use and showed problems of use hygiene and safety.
  • Metallic pallets are recommended for stacking, handling and transport of heavy cargo in safe conditions. These pallets have become a standard in the automotive industry, both for storing tires of different sizes and for numerous car parts.
  • Everything is easier on wheels, including cargo handling within the companies where the supply flow rate is a basic requirement. For everything to go smoothly in your business, you need dolly adapter pallet.