Packaging for hazardous substances transport goods (GGVSEB)

GGVSEB is an international standard that refers to the conditions of road, sea and air transport for hazardous substances. Among these substances are the discharged batteries transported to the recycling areas, chemicals, corrosive, flammable substances or any other material which has a danger degree to the environment and to people handling them.

Eurobox Logistics offers a full range of boxes, containers and accessories for safe transport, according to UN standards and approvals, of hazardous substances generated within your company. These reusable packaging are provided with closing systems and special tear-resistant fibre straps to ensure the content integrity throughout the journey.

The types of GGVSEB boxes and containers that we offer include RAKO, POOLBOX and NESCO containers as well as the foldable ones for space-saving storage. The containers are delivered with the tightly closed lid and, optionally, with foam inserts for additional safety of hazardous materials transportation.