Reusable packaging

Goods and products of any kind must be packed, so as to be easily handled or transported, and during their preservation in the warehouse. In the absence of packaging, manufacturing and distribution companies would have huge losses and there will be a permanent chaos in logistics and inventory processes.

We provide our customers with a wide range of products, for general purpose or developed specifically for a particular industrial field. From the bulky containers to the smallest crates, Eurobox Logistics can provide all kinds of standard packaging dimensions.

The advantages of these packaging:

  • They are compatible with most commonly used assembly lines and conveyors;
  • They can be easily handled both by the employees and the specific equipment;
  • They have an ergonomic design;
  • They are stackable or foldable to achieve storage space savings;
  • They ensure an optimal protection of the packed products, including the difficult transport conditions;
  • They are strong but at the same time light, helping you to save the transport costs.

We invite you to discover on our website all the categories of standard returnable packaging provided by Eurobox Logistics.