• Dehydrating agents

    Dehydrating agents

    The humidity control is one of the main requirements of cargo manufacturers and distributors during transport. The accumulated moisture can lead to the products damage, rust occurrence, as well as, mildew and fungi. To prevent these undesirable situations, the specialized companies in professional packaging, have developed a range of accessories that ensure the moisture absorption.

  • Container Desiccants

    Container Desiccants

    Overseas shipping can pose several risks of damage to merchandize in containers, so many companies choose container desiccants to help mitigate their losses. These pouches are extremely effective and do not pose and danger to the environment and to the employees handling them.

  • Clay desiccant pouches

    Clay desiccant pouches

    Humidity can cause a lot of damage: rust, old, corrosion, rust and mildew. Clay desiccant pouches can prevent all the occurrence of all these negative effects through its desiccant properties. The excess moisture is absorbed inside the pack, and the atmosphere in the package returns to the acceptable limits.