Bubble pouches

  • Anti Static Bubble Pouches

    Anti Static Bubble Pouches

    Electronic products, such as computer and mobile phone parts, printed circuit boards and precision instruments need to be protected from accidental electrostatic discharges. Anti static bubble pouches are created to offer this special protection to your sensitive products and also keep them safe from dust, vibrations and mechanical shocks.

  • Bubble Lined Poly Mailers

    Bubble Lined Poly Mailers

    Bubble lined poly mailers are used by fast courier services and companies that mail important documents and small product samples. The exterior side of these professional envelopes is made of polyolefin and the interior is lined with bubbles. The flap can be easily closed by peeling off the protective paper.

  • Glamour Bubble Mailers

    Glamour Bubble Mailers

    In ecommerce every visual aspect matters, including the package in which you place your products. To enhance the appeal of your products and keep your clients loyal, you should ship all their orders and subscriptions in glamour bubble mailers.

  • Open End Flush Cut Bubble Pouches

    Open End Flush Cut Bubble Pouches

    Manufacturers of sensitive products, such as electronics and fragile household items rely on open end flush cut bubble pouches to pack each item safely. The plastic bubble packages have a smooth interior surface to protect the product from scratching. The bubble surface on the exterior offers good protection against vibrations and other mechanical shocks.

  • Self Seal Bubble Pouches

    Self Seal Bubble Pouches

    Your packaging operations become simpler and quicker with self seal bubble pouches. Put the product inside the pouch, peel off the protective paper strip and seal the pouch. That’s all! Your delicate and valuable products are ready for shipping and will arrive intact at their destination.

  • Self-Seal Bubble Mailers

    Self-Seal Bubble Mailers

    Self seal bubble mailers are extremely useful if you are frequently shipping small and delicate products. The self sealing envelope has an outer layer of Kraft paper and is lined with bubbles on the inside.