Antimicrobial and disinfectant Solutions

  • Antimicrobial PE Sheets

    Antimicrobial PE Sheets

    Antimicrobial PE Sheets are the simple, effective and inexpensive solution to your problems concerning mold occurring in your product boxes. Either in the warehouse or on store shelves, some items, especially leather footwear, could be exposed to excess humidity. Humidity plus enclosed spaces plus warm temperature equals mold.

  • Antimicrobial stickers

    Antimicrobial stickers

    Mold is a serious problem for every company that handles and sells goods and this is why Antimicrobial stickers exist. This antimicrobial sticker is very easy to apply inside product boxes (especially footwear) and you can forget about the worries that it may develop mold.

  • Disinfectant Solutions

    Disinfectant Solutions

    If your business is obliged, by its nature, to maintain strict hygiene at all times, you should use Disinfectant Solutions products. These disinfectants are made in the United States of America and comply with the regulations of the EPA, FDA and OSHA.