Tray washing machines

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Washing machines can sanitize between 100 to 500 trays per hour. With their help, you will reduce the time and costs associated to manual washing and you have the guarantee of cleanliness according to the hygiene rules at international level.

These automatic machines work with minimal supervision from the staff and can be stopped at any time of the washing cycle, if necessary.

Washing machines in this range are recommended for plastic trays with maximum dimensions of 400 x 670 mm (height and width).

On demand, we can provide the washing services of reusable packaging. We can also provide services for taking back the packaging from your partners’ headquarters and after cleaning and packing, we can deliver them to the indicated point of unloading.

Please see the full range of washing machines and contact us for any information about our products or services.

ArticleBase (mm)Water consumption (l/h)Power consumption (KW/h)Material