Pallets washing machines

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Returnable packaging should be used as long as possible to maximize the cost/benefit ratio. Even if a plastic pallet is not the most expensive packaging, it is important to prolong its service life through proper hygiene works.

With the help of this machine range, pallets washing become a fast and efficiently activity. One operator is required to start and supervise the machine, unlike other means of manual or semi-automated washing, which often involve a whole team.

Washing programs can be customized depending on the type of dirt that affect specific batch of pallets and may incorporate also the quick drying function, to return the pallets in the using cycle at the shortest time.

On demand, we can provide the washing services of reusable packaging. We can also provide services for taking back the packaging from your partners’ headquarters and after cleaning and packing, we can deliver them to the indicated point of unloading.

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