Box washing machines

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Box washing machines can sanitize between 100 and 400 boxes per hour, depending on the chosen program. They offer the opportunity to select quick wash program for boxes that do not show a high degree of soiling or intensive program, which provides the removal of the most difficult and oldest traces of contamination by dust, liquids, fats or oils.

Washing machines in this range are recommended for plastic boxes with a maximum width of 470 mm and height of 360 mm.

On demand, we can provide the washing services for reusable packaging. We can also provide services for taking back the packaging from your partners’ headquarters and after cleaning and packing, we can deliver them to the indicated point of unloading.

Please see the full range of washing machines and contact us for any information about our products or services.

ArticleBase (mm)Water consumption (l/h)Power consumption (KW/h)Capacity (buc)Material