Washing machines

Hand washing of reusable packaging is a demanding and time-consuming activity. Depending on the employees’ care and diligence, these packaging may be incomplete and incorrectly cleaned and your customers may be discontent when they get dirty packed products, they might even refuse them.

All these problems are eliminated by automatic washing machines. Efficient and fast, these machines perfectly clean the returnable packaging and restore them for the use cycle in impeccable condition. In addition, they offer consistent and uniform washing quality.

Thus, your company will obtain many economies by more frequent use of the packaging. Well-kept and cleaned packaging has also a longer service life, reducing the need of replacing them.

At the same time, the washing machines are an ecological choice, with low impact on the environment, but also an economical choice, by reducing the consumption of water and detergent compared to hand washing or other methods of washing.

Eurobox Logistics offers four categories of washing machines, that we invite you to discover below.

  • Box washing machines can sanitize between 100 and 400 boxes per hour, depending on the chosen program. They offer the opportunity to select quick wash program for boxes that do not show a high degree of soiling or intensive program, which provides the removal of the most difficult and oldest traces of contamination by dust, liquids, fats or oils.
  • Washing machines can sanitize between 100 to 500 trays per hour. With their help, you will reduce the time and costs associated to manual washing and you have the guarantee of cleanliness according to the hygiene rules at international level.
  • Returnable packaging should be used as long as possible to maximize the cost/benefit ratio. Even if a plastic pallet is not the most expensive packaging, it is important to prolong its service life through proper hygiene works.
  • Returnable packaging should be used an extended time to maximize the cost/benefit ratio. Large containers, such as plastic pallet boxes are rather expensive so it is very important to prolong the life cycle through the proper hygiene works.