Recyclable waste baling machine

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Many companies own valuable storage spaces blocked by waste stacks which wait to be taken to the recycling station. Meanwhile, they suffer losses by goods storing spaces limitation.

Other companies concluded contracts with the recycling companies and lose monthly amounts of money by paying the rent for containers, waste pick-up services but also by internal handling operation (staff consumes time and resources). The compensations received by waste recovery are insignificant.

All these problems can be solved by means of recyclable waste baling machines. These are available in stationary or mobile version, mechanical or hydraulic operation depending on the daily volume of waste generated by your company activity or by the needed level of automation.

Among the main benefits of bailing machines is the fact that they can process a great amount of waste and perform an effective waste pressing in compact bales that occupy a reduced space and can be easily transported to the recycling stations.

Other benefits:

  • Are easy to operate;
  • Increase productivity;
  • Maintain order and cleanliness of workspace.

These machineries compact and bale the majority of materials used as disposable packaging:

  • Cardboard and paper;
  • Tetrapak;
  • Aluminium foil and bags;
  • PE and PP foil;
  • Foam;
  • Stretch foil;
  • Plastic foil and bags;
  • Fibre material;
  • Non-woven textile material;
  • Polypropilene flexible bags.