Pallet wrapping machine

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Pallet wrapping machine allow you to quickly and efficiently prepare the palletized products for shipment in condition of maximum safety.

The basic version consists of a rotating disc and a vertical arm which is attached to the foil holder. The pallet is placed on the disc and rotated slowly and the foil is tightly attached over the entire height thereof. In more complex variants, the equipment can handle and wrap stacks of goods on pallet with heights and heavy weights, using specific procedures without damaging the boxes and the products inside of them.

The wrapping equipment is available in two variants:

  • Semi-automatic, where the operator brings and takes over (after wrapping) each pallet with a forklift;
  • Automatic, where the machine is integrated into a complete packaging line, take each pallet, perform the wrapping and carry pass forward the pallet on a conveyor belt.

By using an automated system, your company can significantly streamline the preparation phase of shipping goods, increasing the number of orders processed daily and, totally, the productivity of work.

Eurobox Logistics offers both machines and related holder for stretch foil. Our consultants are ready to assist you in order to select the wrapping machine suitable for the logistics flow within your company.

ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Coil width (mm)Power supply (V)