Pallet inverters and exchangers

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Pallet inverters are very useful equipment in the production, reception and dispatching sections. They replace employees’ demanding work, can handle all standard sized pallets and reduce the needed time to invert a palletized goods stack to 180 degrees.


  • Are easy to move from an area to another with the forklift;
  • Can be easily handle stacks of 2 tons and 2 meters high;
  • Streamline the feeding flow;
  • Decrease the losses caused by the products damaging.

The pallet exchangers have a more reduced mobility, performing a palletized stack declivity to 90 degrees, sufficient to remove a damage pallet and to replace it with a new one. During the whole pallet exchanging operation, the load is in perfect safety, being supported by the pallet exchanger walls.

The operation lasts less than 2 minutes, without effort and risks for your employees and with the losses minimizing caused by damaged products. Pallets exchangers are suitable for all standard dimensions pallets handling and bear loads up to 1,500 kg. They can handle stacks up to 2 meters high, thus contributing to increasing the efficiency of goods handling flow within your company.

ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Engine power (kw)Loading capacity (kg)Guard weight (kg)Power consumption (V/A)