Overturning equipment

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Manual overturning of containers, pallet boxes or barrels is difficult, risky and can result in employees’ injury and financial losses due to the damaged products.

Overturning equipment, actuated by electric engine, can satisfy the needs of different kind of applications, especially in food and pharmaceutical industries.

To be more useful, some of this equipment is equipped with special height selection functions and of overturning angle to not compromise the sensitive products integrity.

By Eurobox Logistics you have access to a various range of overturning equipment which brings you many benefits, among which:

  • Increasing the employees safety at work;
  • Reducing scrap or wasted raw materials;
  • Increasing the productivity and logistic flow;
  • Extending the use of reusable packaging by correct handling during unloading.
ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Consumption (KW/h)Payload (kg)