Intelligent picking

Goods sorting and orders preparing for assembling and delivery is a continuous and demanding activity within any great courier company or goods manufacturing and distribution entities. This activity involves a great number of employees to ensure a continuous delivery flow and inevitable human errors are losses for the companies.

These inconveniences can be decreased or even eliminated by the intelligent picking system xPick. The system consists of an augmented reality software combination with a portable equipment (intelligent glasses) which transfer the scanning operation from the handy device to the glasses lens. Thus, the operator has the both hands free and has a precise indication of the product that he has to select. The intelligent glasses also display the product list that must be extracted, eliminating the necessity of consulting a printed on paper list.

Implemented with success within the leading worldwide courier companies, xPick proved its effectiveness increasing with 25% the order preparing speed. Now, also your company may benefit by the advantages offered by this innovating system, exclusively distributed in Romania by Eurobox Logistics.

The main benefits of the intelligent picking system xPick:

  • Fewer errors by gradual confirmation of activity flow;
  • Input/output processing rapidity;
  • The equipment is easy to wear and use by the employees;
  • Permanently communication with the team/other departments;
  • Less time allocated to the new employees training.