Handling equipment

Handling the containers loaded with goods or heavy objects (parts, automotive components or industrial) is one of the activities with the highest risk of all logistics operations. When these operations are performed manually, there is always the possibility of employees injury, sometimes with serious consequences, or of destruction of products handled.

The handling equipment precision and force take over this risky activity, turning it into one safe and effective.

Eurobox Logistics offers several types of handling equipment suitable for a range of applications such as:

  • Lifting equipment for boxes and containers;
  • Equipment with suction cups for heavy parts handling;
  • Equipment with clamping hooks;
  • Vacuum-operated equipment;
  • Hydraulic equipment.

The main benefits that realize the companies that place this equipment in the cargo handling areas are, firstly, the ensuring of a safer workplace for employees and the productivity increasing by eliminating the manual work, often involving considerable downtime and effort.