Machinery and technologies

Machinery and equipment for different industrial activities automation are a competitive advantage to all companies of success.

Decreasing the effective time for some operations, the costs and rejects reduction, as well as the increased percentage of recycled waste are among the success strategic elements adopted by the leading companies’ managers to increase the company productivity and profit.

Eurobox Logistics offers a diverse range of machinery and equipment which can be integrated in the logistic flow of goods taking over, sorting, storing and distribution.

  • Many companies own valuable storage spaces blocked by waste stacks which wait to be taken to the recycling station. Meanwhile, they suffer losses by goods storing spaces limitation.
  • Goods sorting and orders preparing for assembling and delivery is a continuous and demanding activity within any great courier company or goods manufacturing and distribution entities. This activity involves a great number of employees to ensure a continuous delivery flow and inevitable human errors are losses for the companies.
  • Pallet inverters are very useful equipment in the production, reception and dispatching sections. They replace employees' demanding work, can handle all standard sized pallets and reduce the needed time to invert a palletized goods stack to 180 degrees.
  • Manual overturning of containers, pallet boxes or barrels is difficult, risky and can result in employees’ injury and financial losses due to the damaged products.
  • Handling the containers loaded with goods or heavy objects (parts, automotive components or industrial) is one of the activities with the highest risk of all logistics operations. When these operations are performed manually, there is always the possibility of employees injury, sometimes with serious consequences, or of destruction of products handled.
  • Pallet wrapping machine allow you to quickly and efficiently prepare the palletized products for shipment in condition of maximum safety.
  • Tape packaging machines are recommended to replace employees’ manual labour for the cargo boxes or pallets sealing for shipment.
  • Hand washing of reusable packaging is a demanding and time-consuming activity. Depending on the employees’ care and diligence, these packaging may be incomplete and incorrectly cleaned and your customers may be discontent when they get dirty packed products, they might even refuse them.