Work benches

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Tables and work benches as well as tool panels offered by Eurobox Logistics are designed taking into account the principles of ergonomics and safety at the workplace. They are suitable for people of different stature and are configured with drawers and racks suitable for the type of work performed.

Depending on needs, the work table is fixed or mobile. The fixed version is equipped with rubber protection to avoid causing scratches on the floor on which is placed. The worktop can be made of rubber, stainless steel or galvanized steel, depending on the type of work performed.

The tool panels increase labour productivity of your employees. Having all the tools they need ergonomically arranged depending on the frequency of use, the workers will eliminate the downtimes and workbench clutter.

The configuration of a tool panel with hooks is customizable. Depending on the type of work performed and the number of tools needed on daily work, we can configure the panel so that the employee can take and put back in place the necessary tools without leaving their workstation and without mess.

Eurobox Logistics can configure working tables as needed, on demand. For this purpose, we use aluminium profiles, which offer a great freedom of worktops realization, fully adapted to the specific of activity.

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