Mobile office

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Eurobox Logistics offers an innovative and effectively concept to create a more dynamic working environment for your employees: the mobile office. This office type is a standalone unit equipped with wheels, with independent source of power supply, and that can be easily moved anywhere.

The mobile offices can be configured for different types of activities: work in warehouse, retail, manufacture or secretarial/administrative service. For each type of activity we can offer you several types of offices, starting from the basic model and adding supplementary elements to integrate all the necessary office equipment or objects.

The main benefits of using these types of offices are:

  • Eliminating the downtimes by reducing the movement from one place to another;
  • Improving the speed of processing the information received through wireless connection that creates a permanent link between the employee and the central office;
  • Eliminating the inventory errors by transmitting the data from warehouse in real time;
  • Increasing the workload, efficiency and productivity of your team.

The communication systems, classical and modern (fax, telephone, computer, wireless printer) integrated into the mobile office are particularly useful for the employees transferred to large cargo warehouses, who should be constantly in touch with a central office and to have fast access to the changes at the projects they work.

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