Belt conveyors

The belt conveyor systems are the basic equipment in any automated production unit. They can transport the raw materials or the products from the processing equipment to the packing points and loading on dolly or pallet. The conveyor belts are fully customizable to suit the types of manufacturing, processing and production activities of industrial fields.

Depending on the specific needs, Eurobox Logistics can provide the following types of conveyor systems:

  • roller conveyors
  • chain conveyors
  • rails conveyors

Roller conveyor belt systems are suitable within the companies that use packaging of medium and small size and weight (cardboard and plastic boxes, crates, small size containers). These conveyor belts are of two types: gravitational (downhill installed, requires no power supply) and electrical. Thus, it is recommended for bulk products the gravitational roller conveyors, which do not have additional operational costs and ensure a continuous flow of raw materials in the production areas. For the packed finished products, the electric belt conveyor ensure a smooth way to move to where they are palletized to be transported in the warehouse or delivered to customers.

Roller conveyors can be mounted in straight line or in curve. So you can exploit the available space to a maximum to generate an efficient and ergonomic supply flow and to increase the productivity.

The chain conveyors are particularly recommended for cyclic and phased products movements, as part of a more complex production automation system. The operation principle is based on a circular chain mounted on two toothed wheels which provides a continuous motion of the belt on a fixed length.

The main advantage of the chain conveyors is that they can be integrated anywhere in an automated system, even one after another for successive goods taking-over. This type of belt conveyor is designed to withstand high loads and operates at a constant speed, lower, to prevent the products shaking and overturning. Chain conveyors have low maintenance costs and high reliability even at intensive use.

Rail conveyors are extremely versatile as they can be made in different versions to suit every type of application. One of the main advantages of this type of conveyor belt is that the engine can be installed in any of the 4 sides of the belt, determining the desired direction of movement depending on the space configuration and organization of work within the production facilities available.

The rail conveyors are competitively priced and are an ideal option if the goods and packaging to be transported are compact, with reduced dimensions and weight. The basic version of this type of conveyor (for lightweight products) is designed with plastic rails. However, all conveyors in this category are reliable and resistant to prolonged and intensive use.