Floor markings

In the storage areas, every square meter is extremely valuable, so that the space must be divided and used judiciously. There also must exist predetermined areas for traffic and the employees have to be alerted on dangerous areas (such as those where the goods are unloaded or automated equipment operates) that could cause accidents.

Floor markings are used primarily to define spaces. For example, the marking tape sets the navigation spaces between racks, areas for FIFO products, the storage areas for the unused packaging and equipment parking, etc.

Marking signs can be either informative, warning or prohibition and are mounted in areas with special destination (e.g., in areas where unauthorized access is prohibited, or in which are performed permanently activities).

Warning signs are not only useful but also mandatory under current legislation. They indicate the danger zones (risk of slipping, injury, electric shock), areas in which is working only with protective equipment and emergency exits.

Eurobox Logistics offers a complete range of systems for floor markings, that we invite you to see in the pages of this category.

  • Floor marking tapes are an extremely useful accessory for storage areas with intense activity. Available in a variety of vivid colours, very visible, they are used to indicate lanes for employees’ traffic or the automated machinery route.
  • Floor marking symbols are recommended to inform the employees and the visitors and to pay attention to the specific destination of some spaces or to various restrictions.
  • Floor warning signs are mandatory for danger areas, where the employees must mandatory wear protective equipment or where there are restrictions on certain activities.