Marking and signalling systems

The marking and signalling systems are useful accessories or even mandatory by law for the production and trade activities in halls and warehouses. They facilitate efficient and organized use of the available spaces, provides real-time information on projects being worked, prevent accidents and alert on the risks and dangers in areas with special use.

With the marking and signalling systems are created traffic corridors, are signalled the areas where goods are stored or have to be left empty for logistics equipment traffic and are defined the areas where only authorized personnel have access.

If within the production or storage facilities exist regulated areas where the warning signs are to be displayed, Eurobox Logistics offers a complete range of mandatory by law signs, complying with the ISO 7010 standard for this product category.

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  • Kanban type display panels are the easiest way to plan activities, to pursue their achievement and to see if the employees fall within the time allocated for fulfilling each task.
  • In the storage areas, every square meter is extremely valuable, so that the space must be divided and used judiciously. There also must exist predetermined areas for traffic and the employees have to be alerted on dangerous areas (such as those where the goods are unloaded or automated equipment operates) that could cause accidents.
  • Tablets and signalling magnets are mandatory in the areas of production, storage or any other area where risks are regulated.