Non-adhesive label holders

Non-adhesive label holders are an effective solution in case of items subjected to high amount of different goods. The labels can be inserted and removed easily by your company’s employees.

Eurobox Logistics offers different models of holders for non-adhesive labels, suitable for all uses and types of materials to be fixed on. Thus, you can choose between welded holders, holders attached with clamps, frame type holders or adhesive holders.

Whichever model you choose, you will find the strength in time for multiple uses and the opportunity to wash the reusable packaging without damaging the label holder.

  • Label adhesive holders are easily fixed on plastic containers. They have an excellent adhesion to any type of smooth and clean surface and are suitable for long-term use.
  • Labels welded holders are fixed permanently on the side of the container and are recommended where you always use the same label model. They have a good resistance to shocks and scratches during transport, protecting the labels to arrive at destination clearly legible.
  • Labels frame type holders are suitable for both foldable containers and boxes and for rigid boxes. They are of standard dimensions 250 x 150 mm and 148 x 105 mm (for A6 format labels).
  • Label clamps are made of stainless or galvanized steel and can be attached on container by fixing or riveting. They are available of 19 mm or 30 mm wide and it is an easy to use holder when labels should be changed frequently.