In Japanese, the term “kanban” means “only one label” and the management system of the same name was firstly implemented in production by the automotive manufacturer Toyota. To ease and streamline the operating flow of the assembly lines, each container or box of parts contained exactly the required number of components that a worker needed, to perform a predetermined number of operations.

In this way, they could accurately track the stocks of raw materials and knew exactly when to be ordered new ones. Meanwhile, Kanban concept was expanded to include many aspects of the companies’ business, from using the space in the warehouse to the organization of workplaces for each worker.

Thus, by implementing a Kanban system, you can visibly increase the productivity of your company business and you will streamline the procurement of raw materials, because you can very accurately plan and on long-term the necessary stocks for the proper conduct of business.

The main benefits of a Kanban system for your company:

  • The unwanted stocks of the finished goods are eliminated;
  • The waiting period of raw materials orders is reduced;
  • Are created flexible and ergonomic workstations;
  • Raw materials stocks and additional costs are reduced;
  • Resources are saving;
  • The amount of waste and rejects are reduced.
  • To save space and optimize the flow of supply, it is recommended that the crates and boxes with parts to be kept on dollies. And with dolly guiding devices, you can organize and monitor the use of raw material stocks, by implementing the FIFO (first in, first out) system.
  • Tubular racking systems are a great innovation in the concept of storage spaces and workstations. Fast assembly and unlimited configuration allow us to create customized systems to the smallest details to suit your specific activity. And once installed the racking system, you can reconfigure it at any time, adding and extracting elements or changing the arrangement of the existing ones.
  • Whenever you need dollies, racks, workstations or storage shelves that do not fall into the standard shapes and dimensions, Eurobox Logistics offers aluminium profile structures. These profiles are available in lengths ranging from 3 meters to 6 meters and are suitable for any customization.
  • Labelling is the easiest and the most effective way to quickly identify a product and to keep a clear evidence of the inventory. To prevent their damage, the labels must be placed on or in the holders, which prevent their fading, discoloration or breaking.
  • The marking and signalling systems are useful accessories or even mandatory by law for the production and trade activities in halls and warehouses. They facilitate efficient and organized use of the available spaces, provides real-time information on projects being worked, prevent accidents and alert on the risks and dangers in areas with special use.