Milkrun dollies

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Milkrun dollies are recommended when are to be transported multiple types of products on pallets or in boxes and containers. They have high loading capacity and are provided with a special device to couple to a vehicle, to create a real train with products (tugged train), thereby reducing their travel time.

Some dolly models can be stacked when they are not in use, to save the storage space, or to provide access for loading/unloading on both sides.

Eurobox Logistics offers several types of Milkrun dollies suitable for needs such as: transport of boxes, pallets or pallet boxes, automatic lifting and picking.

For example, taxi type dollies are ideal to load different types of goods with different stacking positions and access from both sides. They include hydraulic lift function of the stack to avoid physical effort of your employees and swivel casters for easy movement of the dolly in any direction and in curves.

Pallet dollies have EURO standard dimensions and can be coupled to a manually equipment for pallets unloading to fluidize as much the products handling flow and to reduce employees’ manual labour.

Hand dollies have a system consisting of a rotating platform and allow to one person easily carry up to 600 kg of products effortlessly, without any pneumatic and electrical equipment. They are an ideal system for moving goods on short distances and in confined spaces, where it is not practical to introduce motorized equipment.

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