Industrial vehicles (intralogistics)

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Industrial vehicles help you to move the products and extremely high loads with an electric engine. They can be operated either by remote control or by an operator who pushes them or drive them seated behind the steering wheel. In this way, your company can increase productivity without any employee to be at risk and without losses by products damaging due to incorrect handling.

Eurobox Logistics offers several types of vehicles, depending on the specific needs.

Vehicles operated remotely, for example, which are operated by remote control, are equipped with roller-chain tracks instead of wheels and are ideal for use in rough areas, tunnels and other areas dimly lit, where the operator’s safety would be   jeopardized.

Vehicles operated standing have high transportation capabilities and are extremely safe for the operator, which does not make any physical effort for the goods movement.

Motorcycle type vehicles are used both for rapid movement of people and for goods towing. Compact and easy to handle, these vehicles are mainly used in warehouses, airports, hospitals, greenhouses, large shopping centres and markets. They can reach speeds up to 11 km/h headway and 5 km/h in reverse.

Another vehicle range is the trolley type that is driven by a driver and has the capacity to carry up to 600 kg. They are an ideal choice in warehouses, production workshops and hypermarkets to quickly distribute the products in several areas.

ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Power supply(V)Traction capacity (kg)Speed (km/h)