AGV (automated guided vehicles) are completely automated vehicles, without operator, that move the dollies with goods by free navigation or following a mark on the floor. This equipment also can carry themselves smaller sized boxes and trays.

AGV are controlled by software where is programmed each individual route, and a single operator can track by interface the operation of all equipment in the company.

By AGVs’ using, you will completely cancel the manual labour in the uptake and transport of products, you increase the supply and production flow as well as the safe handling. In addition, they can be incorporated into automated assembly lines.

Implementing these automated machines allows you to make safe forecasts on stocks and distribution of goods and to optimize all logistics processes within your company by eliminating waste of time, human error, accidents and other unforeseen factors.

AGV can be customized according to customer needs, to be used to transfer the cargo (with conveyor belt), or used, for examples, as forklifts or mobile mailbox for mail and parcels delivery.