Vehicles and special equipment for moving and handling of goods are extremely useful in workspaces with large areas.

By their means, the materials and products that employees need can be brought easily and organized to the place they will be used.

Eurobox Logistics offers a full range of such equipment, appropriate to types of goods and organization of workspace.

  • Milkrun dollies are recommended when are to be transported multiple types of products on pallets or in boxes and containers. They have high loading capacity and are provided with a special device to couple to a vehicle, to create a real train with products (tugged train), thereby reducing their travel time.
  • AGV (automated guided vehicles) are completely automated vehicles, without operator, that move the dollies with goods by free navigation or following a mark on the floor. This equipment also can carry themselves smaller sized boxes and trays.
  • Industrial vehicles help you to move the products and extremely high loads with an electric engine. They can be operated either by remote control or by an operator who pushes them or drive them seated behind the steering wheel. In this way, your company can increase productivity without any employee to be at risk and without losses by products damaging due to incorrect handling.