PE (polyethylene) and PU (polyurethane) foam packaging

The foam is a simple and highly effective product to provide maximum protection to tools, parts, instruments and components during transport. They are placed in boxes in the form of simple inserts or in layers, with cut outs pursuing precisely the form and the dimensions of the transported objects.

Thus, each product benefits of optimal protection, resisting during transport even in adverse conditions. Besides the protection against vibration and shocks, the fixed products in PE or PU foam inserts are also kept away the contact with dust or scratches or other damages that would arise from hitting other products or box walls.

Eurobox Logistics executes any type and model of packaging and PE and PU foam inserts, with cut outs made with precision following the shapes and dimensions as specified by customers. For electronic products, these inserts are made of ESD foam which prevents electrostatic discharges occurrence.

Lightweight and durable, the 2 types of foam are the best choice for products requiring a high degree of protection during handling and transport.