ESD boxes

Boxes and containers for electronic parts transport are made of materials with current properties of conductivity between >10 and < 1011 ohms.

These boxes are produced to meet the standards in force and are available in a range of standard dimensions to be easily grouped on pallets and to effectively use the space in the truck.

  • VDA-KLT is a variety of transport containers, standardized according to German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA - Verband der Automobilindustrie). Cars producers and their suppliers are using these crates for parts and components handling, within the assembly processes. 
  • Like the standard version of RAKO boxes, the ESD are stackable and are available in a full range of dimensions, from the smallest to spacious containers dedicated to large parts or to a great number of products.
  • Containers of this range are necessary to protect the electronics parts placed in trays during transport. These are versatile products, they can be mounted in several types of trays with different depths to ensure optimal packaging conditions for sensitive electronic components.
  • The storage boxes made of ESD material are the practical and ergonomic storage way of keeping the parts and small electronic components.
  • Every craftsman needs a strong and well organized toolbox. Fitted with handles and hinged lid, our toolboxes are ergonomic and easy to carry.