Recyclable waste hydraulic baling machine MBD 03

  • Horizon press recommended for compacting the following waste: cardboard (corrugated included), non-woven textiles, plastic foil, PP tape or PET, paper and crumpled paper, foam, fleece, PET bottles, etc.
  • The materials are compacted by means of a hydraulically operated press;
  • It is capable of continuous operation;
  • Compacts while being fed;
  • Depending on the application, it can be fed manually or automatically;
  • Bale strapping is done 4 fold, automatically;
  • After strapping, the bale is discharged outside the baling channel, being pushed by other material to be baled;
  • It can be equipped with various automatic devices for waste feeding: conveyor belts, air conveyors, lifting and tilting devices.