Octabins are recommended for packaging and shipping bulky products in an efficient and cost effective manner. The special shape of this corrugated packaging solution offers both adequate storage space for your products, and improved stability in stack.

What Are the Benefits of Using Octabins?

Compared to other packaging solutions corrugated octabins are lightweight, easy to handle and can be customized by printing in any way. These packages are stackable, so your company will be able to optimize shipping costs by packing more products in a trailer.

The octabins can be strengthened with supplementary inner walls for very heavy products. At the same time, they are a hygienic packaging solution, which can be used for food products.

Create Your Own Octabins

Corrugated board can be printed in many colors and any pattern you require. From full color printing, to adding your company name and logo, you can create customized octabins that will promote your brand image in stores and during transit. The octabins offer generous printing space for any marketing message you choose.

At the end of their useful life, octabins are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. They are made of FSC-approved organic materials that are easily disposable.